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College Activities

E -learning workshop

 E-learning has become one of the basics in the education process and to support e-learning the college has set up an extensive workshop about the recent advances technology used in E learning

students of the college participate in voluntary work

 cleaning, maintenance and arranging of some classroom and college gardens were some of the voluntary work done by elite of students ....

Al Kindy medical college participate in course in medical education

The Gateway Course An Introduction to Medical Education was the title of a workshop set up by the University of Sheffield in collaboration with the British 

Lesson Plans Form

College News

Family medicine in Iraq Reality and Challenges

 in cooperation with the Association of Family Medicine Doctors in Iraq a scientific symposium  entitled “family medicine in Iraq Reality and Challenges”held in Alkindy college of Medicine focusing on the main challenges that face this speciality in Iraq.

statistical analysis and medical research

 Dr. Ahmed Abid Marzuk present a lecture on statistical analysis and medical research

Distinct article

Two Doctors from Dept. of surgery publish a distinct article in the " International Archives of Medicine"